Job hunting with depression: ‘The rejection got to me and I couldn’t get out of bed’

Despite the fact that I had done this plenty of times before in a professional capacity, I simply couldn’t remember any specifics about it. This is a 21-item self-report inventory that provides scores on three subscales, i.e., depression , anxiety , and stress . Each item was rated on a four-point Likert scale ranging from “never” to “always” . Moderate, severe, and very severe were combined to denote a problematic score for depression, anxiety, and stress in this study. In the Bangla version, Cronbach’s alpha for the depression, anxiety, and stress subscales were 0.99, 0.96, and 0.96, respectively . For this study the Cronbach’s alpha for the depression, anxiety, and stress subscales were 0.787, 0.783, and 0.834, respectively, and the overall Cronbach’s α was 0.919. The DWP’s ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you’ policy had apositive impact for claimants during the pandemic, and could be maintained for the handling of new claims in future.

It’s even more alarming if you don’t know what to do, who to talk to or even know how to accept what’s happening to you. But first, let’s find out whether you’re just a bit fed up or actually depressed. It may take some weeks, it make takes some months, it make even take some years, but it will get better.

How Does Depression And Anxiety Affect You?

Since September 2020 this distinction has been less clear for the self-harm and major stress measures. NHS Employers also published the Creating healthy NHS workplaces toolkit in 2015.

What triggered me was getting a rejection letter today for an application I thought I did really well on. I was so proud and positive when I sent it, but it had barely been 12hrs past the deadline before I got the rejection email, which tells me they probably didn’t even bother reading it… Depression, on the other hand, is characterised more by an increased feeling of sadness and guilt, often seemingly without any explanation.

How Does Depression Feel?

For accessing driving factors of BCS preference, multiple-choice responses were offered while covering probable options (e.g., security of the job, high salary, depression and job search family and social expectation, to serve the nation). Regarding BCS cadre choice, multiple options were included (e.g., administrative, education, police).

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