How to become a Linux kernel developer by Adam Zerella

It is also the bottom level of the application system that links with the hardware of the system. Please see the file, COPYING, in the main directory of the source tree, for details on the license. If you have further questions about the license, please contact a lawyer, and do not ask on the Linux kernel mailing list. The people on the mailing lists are not lawyers, and you should not rely on their statements on legal matters.

how to become a linux developer

Sooner or later, you’re going to encounter Linux in your environment. What you need to decide is how you’ll be able to handle it when it happens. One thing we need to stress is that the image above, of the GUI Windows environment and the code-focused Linux environment, is simply incorrect. Both technologies have come a long way since the 80s and 90s, after all.

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There are languages like C++, Rust, Java and so on as well. I am a C developer but that is not for everyone unless you like dealing with memory and hardware. You have the option of building your own Linux system by starting with a license-free Linux OS kernel. Available frameworks and applications are offered within the embedded Linux community to create the complete system solution. Intel is a core member of the Linux Foundation and contributes to many Linux open-source projects. Intel is a strong Linux community participant and supporter.

how to become a linux developer

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On average, the salary of a Linux kernel developer is around $123,500 to $179,500. The Linux Kernel is a non-proprietary operating system that is accessible to thousands of developers for free.

  • It is a collaboration site that can be used to find device-specific application notes that describe how to build various components required for the Linux boot.
  • We should send it to the Kernel janitors project first to get some guidance and see if our patch is something to bother a maintainer with.
  • Linux OS drivers offer a high-level device abstraction with minimal effort.
  • You have to learn general information and specialized knowledge about what you’re doing.

Must have strong understanding of code development for microprocessors. Preference given to those familiar with Broadcom BCM2837, AllWinner H5, and Freescale iMX6. Both of these are valid ways to approach being a full stack developer. Maybe you’re very interested in one environment and don’t much care to learn another.

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You have to be cooperative, and willing to adapt your idea to fit within the kernel. Remember, being wrong is acceptable as long as you are willing to work toward a solution that is right. They contain relatively small and critical fixes for security problems or significant regressions discovered Razor Salvation Indie Game Developer and Publisher in a given 4.x kernel. The kernel also has a large number of documents that can be automatically generated from the source code itself or from ReStructuredText markups , like this one. This includes a full description of the in-kernel API, and rules on how to handle locking properly.

Developers are common, after all, and that means unless you’re going outside the bounds of what most people consider normal, you’ll have no trouble. Use standard environments with hardware and software configuration, and you’ll be in a well-documented world with plenty of support. Use common, modern-day tools for your development, and you’ll find it easy not just to work in the environment, but to collaborate. The code for the Linux kernel is mainly written in the C programming language, except for a few architecture-dependent portions which are written in the assembly level language.

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