Venezuelan Wedding Customs

Typical Venezuelan wedding practices include a large volume of food, a festive and colorful wedding ceremony and a lively after-party. There are many rituals and customs which can be unique to Venezuela and it can be challenging to fully understand them. Nevertheless there are some similarities to the wedding traditions of different Latin American countries.

The first ceremony is typically a little legal an individual, held in a courthouse or a general population building. The bridegroom delivers a great gift of thirteen coins called Se?al to the white guys dating latinas woman. It is believed venezuelan woman the coins will bring good luck to the newlyweds.

The second formal procedure is known as a religious an individual held in a religious organization. It is generally attended by the entire as well as can include a mass or a religious wedding service. It is the official wedding ceremony where the couple is recognized as legitimately hitched.

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The after party includes a practice called ‘la hora loca’, or the crazy hour. The term is a word game00 and refers to the hour just before dawn. Throughout this hour, roudy music, special face masks and other props are used to create a entertaining atmosphere.

Guests can be encouraged to dance, as this is believed to add extra entertaining. Some lovers use loud noisemakers to make this happen. Others make use of fancy dress costumes or masks to get visitors to mingle.

One more common wedding practice is the tossing of rice at the groom and bride. This tradition has its origins in Europe in the middle age groups, when friends would toss rice in the bride and bridegroom to show their support intended for the marriage.

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