Form 944 vs Form 941: Should You File the Annual or Quarterly Form?

form 944 vs 940

The decimal amounts that you see on Form 944 below reflect the percentage of wages and tips that get deducted for Social Security and Medicare tax. Furthermore, if you’re a new employer, you may request to be eligible to complete IRS Form 944.

  • To do so, you’ll fill column 1 with the appropriate social security wages, social security tips, Medicare wages and tips, and wages and tips subject to additional Medicare withholding.
  • You can make Installment Agreement payments for Form 940,940-PR, for Form 941, 941-PR and 941-SS, for Form 943, 943-PR and for Form 945 for Tax Years 2002 through 2021.
  • IRS also reminds employers to use a minus sign when reporting a negative amount as a tax adjustment on line 7 of Form 941, and not a parenthesis.
  • If a business has previously filed 941 forms, they can submit a request to the IRS to file Form 944 instead.
  • You can find which form you’re required to file on the notice from the IRS.

When tax returns are not filed in a timely manner, penalties and interest accrue for both the late filing of the form and the late payment of the tax due, if applicable. form 944 vs 940 To fill out Schedule B, input the amount of employment taxes — federal tax withholding, Medicare tax, and Social Security tax — owed on each payday in the quarter.

Where to Get Form 944

Yes, payments for Form 940, 941, 943, 944, 945 and 1041 can be made until January 1, 2023, 7am Eastern Time. However, payments received after the respective due dates may be subject to penalties and interest. For late 94X payments, please review IRS Publication 15 , Employer’s Tax Guide. You can make Installment Agreement payments for Form 940,940-PR, for Form 941, 941-PR and 941-SS, for Form 943, 943-PR and for Form 945 for Tax Years 2002 through 2021. Please note that Installment Agreements must be arranged in advance with the IRS.

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4 Tax Forms You and Your New Employee Need to Complete.

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FUTA tax is calculated based on a percentage of the wages you pay to each employee. For the past few years, the standard FUTA tax rate has been 6%. Additionally, often times employers are eligible for a FUTA credit reduction which can be up to 5.4% off of the standard 6% rate. The day you hire your first W-2 employee and run payroll for your business, new responsibilities and complexities spring up.


If filing electronic forms, they must be e-filed by March 31st. Part 2 wants you to break down your employment tax liabilities over the quarter. Most businesses must fill out and attach Form 941 Schedule B to delineate their employment tax liabilities by payday. Here’s where you make adjustments to your FUTA tax liability. You can skip this section unless you have employees in a credit reduction state or a part of employees’ FUTA wages were exempt from SUTA.

form 944 vs 940

Please return the form promptly to avoid delay in processing your payments. As a small business owner, you must file a 944, even if you have no taxes to report. If your business closes, you will have to file a final return for the year which the business closed. The instructions for Form 941, Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return, have been recently revised to include the Department of the Treasury in some of the filing addresses. The first quarter 2008 return will reflect the increase in the Social Security wage base to $102,000. There are no credit reduction states for tax year 2007, so lines 2 and 11 of the form, and part 2 of Schedule A, Multi-State Employer and Credit Reduction Information, do not need to be completed. Form 941-X or an amended Form 940 cannot be electronically filed.

IRS Form 944 vs. 941: Due dates

The form helps both the employer and the IRS keep track of how much income tax and Federal Insurance Contribution Act tax that employer owes to the federal government, on an annual basis. If you fall into one of these categories, there are a few different ways you can pay your balance, depending on how you’re filing Form 944. If you’re filing Form 944 by mail, you can complete Form 944-V, the payment voucher that is found at the end of the IRS 944 PDF on their website. When you file Form 944, then, you’ll complete this payment voucher, include a check or money order with the proper amount and mail the three pieces to the proper address. However, to be able to file Form 944 instead of Form 941, you must be notified in writing of your eligibility by the IRS. The IRS may notify you that your business is either eligible or required to complete Form 944.

form 944 vs 940

If the answer is yes, however, then you’ll need to complete line item 4 and its four sub-parts. Most businesses need to complete Form 941 on a quarterly basis to fulfill the IRS requirements for reporting and calculating employment taxes. This being said, certain businesses are eligible to complete IRS Form 944 annually instead.

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